Answer to the feedback

Hi, I am the CEO of the company.

I am writing a longer and helpful answer to freelance translators` feedback. I understand the reason for the feedback.
I hope it will help the other our translators to understand how translation industry works, how our company works. By having this knowledge they will become even more successful.

The translator was not anonymous, I know his case very well. He is a good Russian translator that we worked for last 2 years. His quality was good, thanks for that, have been happy with his translations.

Question. As a translator will I get orders if I refuse to work with some CAT tool (such as Studio or Memsource) or some technology (such as machine-translation)
Advice. If you have some special preference, we will add it to our system and will not send that type of projects. Therefore the number of orders will decrease, but you should receive other kind of projects (if we have them).

Question. As a translator, I  feel that I need to post-edit faster and therefore I leave TM fuzzy matches or Machine-Translated text not post-edited.
Advice. This is a wrong understanding. We pay by time, calculated automatically, therefore spend as much time as needed to make Quality Translation. If you need 2 hours, we will pay for 2. If you need 6 hours – we will pay for 6.

Question. As a translator I accept post-editing projects where I am paid for time spent by the time-tracking technology. There were cases where I see that technology was broken and time was not tracked properly.
Advice. You should notify your project manager and he/she will check the technology. If it was broken (it is very easy to diagnose), then we will pay for the words, not time.


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Did I answer your questions? If not, write to me at feedback (at) and I will help you in a few days. Or just write to HR colleagues that hired you, they will help. They really care about translators, but they have limited time serving hundreds of translators with daily issues.

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