Praises to colleagues from Inga:

To Daina

For being such a great colleague! To be honest, I was impressed when she agreed to translate Ubers one nasty Friday when no one agreed to do this. It was a challenge for her, as she had no clue what Uber was. It was amazing—she learnt the tool, instructions, and translated Ubers that day, as she would have been doing it for ages. The key point in this story is that Daina planned to spend that Friday afternoon with her husband but knowing that we are in need, she didn’t say a word and started to translate Ubers. Daina, I am very sorry for ruined plans and thank you once again! 😊

To Irena

Thank you for all feedbacks you provide about our systems, tools, instructions, etc. To me it’s very important as only having some information I can do something. You are not complaining but providing solutions when some situations happen. You are training our newcomers so that they could work better and faster. Besides, you are doing this having a huge workload, which in my opinion is enormous. Irena, thank you for being you

To Rael

For dealing with various tasks and doing it perfectly. Cannot imagine how it’s possible to be so productive and keep being nice with everyone (well, at least with me—for sure). 😊

To Zane

Who patiently waited to have her full-timer’s position back and finally we did that! Moreover, Zane accepted a challenge and started dealing with Google projects. Thank you, Zane, for taking all possible tasks and for being a part of Synergium.

To Elo

Have you any idea what was happening during your vacation? PMs were completely lost and desperate. They were counting each day until you will come back. 😊 So thank you for being such precious an irreplaceable colleague!

Praises to colleagues from Irina:

To Accounting/Administration

To all the colleagues in the Accounting/Administration for their patience, dedication and strong desire to learn new things while reaching our goals. I am glad to see how Marija, Laura and Kristina grow as specialists in their fields of responsibility. Less advice or assistance from me is needed compared to half a year ago. The main guidelines are set, they know what they are responsible for and can quickly advise me if I am not aware of some details. What is most important, they do not just do their work or what the manager asks for. They want to learn and grow further: Marija and Kristina as accountants while Laura prefers the administration field with its variety of daily tasks.

To Egle

I am also happy that now we have Egle in the department, a professional accountant. While I could advise more on clients, their requirements and general procedures of the department, Egle supports the financial side. She has an “eagle eye” on issues left earlier and I am sure that step-by-step she will fix them all. Then we will finally be able to announce: the Accounting department is ALL SET! Meanwhile, I will soon be moving out of the department and getting back to Sales to get more work for all of us so that we are not bored.

Praises to colleagues from Asta:

To Rytis

Rytis puts his heart and soul into his projects—he works from home, late in the evening and during weekends if it is urgent. When the situation gets out of control, Rytis can take care of it, and when asked for help he always says “Sure, why not”. I like his sense of humor when he says “Ai, I slept normally” despite the fact that he stayed late, went home with Uber and had slept only few hours… Positivity always helps!

To Kristine Z. and Karina S.

For helping the client during the nighttime when he wrote to Kristine on Facebook about a super duper urgent project. Kristine contacted Karina who was working until early in the morning to finish the translation. Kristine was waiting the whole night in the office; she delivered the project at 6 a.m., finally came back home, slept only for one hour and came to work as usual! Ladies, you are both amazing.

To Alesia and Justina S.

They both are new PMs working only for 2 months at Synergium but they are doing really great! I wish you all the best and I hope you will find yourself here, in our team 😊

Praises to colleagues from Mindaugas:

To Inga and HR team

For finding/negotiating/hiring a lot of Nordic linguists (at least 40 per language). The girls were working very intensely during Inga`s holidays and everything went smoothly. It shows the good work of the manager Inga as she delegated the tasks wisely before going on vacation and shows the high professionalism level of the HR girls as they could work autonomously, despite the huge workload.

To Arnoldas and IT team

For making big improvements in IT systems (Groupshare, others) after work usually till very midnight, so that there were less inconveniences for us all.

To Normantas

For super flexibility and helping the Administration team with invoices and payments.

To Petras

For being flexible and innovative and becoming a Developer of SelfServices (using GoogleSheet products and Google scripts) and helping us to automate accountancy processes.

To Vytautas

For launching as part of the Engagement Project — now current and future colleagues will know the benefits of working for Synergium.

To Giedrius Br.

For managing a big workload of the QAE team during their holidays and for helping with creation of SelfService innovations.

To Irina, Marija, Laura, Kristina and Egle

For using SignNow and making our paperwork paperLESS (we are very digital now, this is good for nature and saves time).

Also for hunting not paying customers and payments that got lost, this is a big scale project.

To Egle, the new Senior accountant, as she prepared payments to freelancers in advance and payments were done on time even during her holiday. Good planning!

To Laura for fast reaction and being able to send parcels with tender documents very quickly so that we could win the tender for Estonian government. And we won the tender! 🙂

To Marija

For being open-minded and agreeing to use Robots and a new simplified way of invoicing in Accountancy.

To Kristina

For planning those hundreds of payments and making them on time (as earlier we were not punctual enough, now we are).

To Tomas

For helping developers to catch on with the Flow (the re-named Zeroklik) and for not wasting time, but helping PMs with other projects and training new PMs.

Praises to colleagues from Arnoldas:

To Martynas

Martynas has performed a migration to a new and better Monitoring system. He was unbelievably fast and did it by himself only in one week and a half. This new System will help the IT department to get a broad view of all our systems, to react faster to problems and to protect against any possible damages.

Praises to colleagues from Tomas:

To Jonas L.

Big thanks to Jonas L. for the Reports support and small improvements made.

To Developer team

For putting in so much effort to bring our new app into the daylight step-by-step. There is still a long way to go, but we will do it!


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