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Benefits for InTERNS

International team

You will work in Synergium with professionals from different countries.

Various events

Synergium is organizing various events from team lunches to summer events so you won’t be bored.

Solving problems

Every day, Synergium team members are facing challenges. Don’t worry if you get into trouble, great team leaders are there to help you.

Fast PC's

Fast computers with SSD and two monitors for more comfortable working experience, and the latest MS Office 365.


Work Together

Effective communication between colleagues helps to achieve goals faster.

Professional help

Project Managers will help you during working hours.

Reliable company

You will work in one of the most technologically advanced translation company
(We received Deloitte Technology 50 Award for that).

Xbox and Foosball

Video games and table football are available any time in Synergium.