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Let me provide some statistics about our staff. It appears that there are 66 of us working at Synergium: 53 in Lithuania, 6 in Estonia, and 7 in Latvia. Quite impressive, don’t you think?

To keep you updated, I want to inform that during April and May 3 new colleagues joined our office in Lithuania. It’s JR Quality Assurance Engineer Arnoldas Maigys, JR Project Coordinator Eglė Gaigalaitė and HR Coordinator Raimonda Šukaitė. All of them enriched out team and we are happy that it’s us who managed to grab them. 😉

7 interns finished their internships: Santautas Rimkus (Customer Experience Department), Greta Babrovskytė (PM Department), Mantas Bačėnas (Administration Department), Valeriia Ovciannikova (Customer Experience Department), Azar Mammadov (Marketing Department) and Davide Gerundini (PM Department). 2 of them – Greta and Santautaswere invited to join Synergium team as employees. Hope to see them in June!

Unfortunately, some of our colleagues left us to meet new challenges in their lives. It was Gabrielė Rameikaitė (PM Department) and Aidas Demenius (IT Department).

To end this section on an optimistic note, be informed that our LT editor Guoda Rudnickaitė-Vaitiekūnė is coming back on July 1st!


SYNERGIUM 12th Birthday

On the 31st of March, we had a birthday party. It was not just a simple birthday party. I must say, it was a marvellous and super positive 12th birthday party of Synergium! 43 people were brave enough to put their hands into the paint. Moreover, it was an international broadcast! The whole ceremony was broadcasted to our beloved colleagues in Latvia and Estonia.


Ouch… SynChallenge made us sweat a little bit! In April, 19 participants were tracking their every single kilometer for 3 weeks. Aaaand it was worth doing that because of 8 superb prizes: protein candies (3 boxes), special runners’ belt with bottles, water bottle, a unique light for runner to put on a shoe, a bag for bicycle, cycling gloves and runners’ phone holder. Be brave to challenge and surprise yourself every day!

International Accounting Day

I bet you did not know that on the 12th of May there was an International Accounting day. We decided to congratulate our girls at Accounting/Administration Department on this occasion and to make a stressful surprise. Our ladies received a secret parcel from “official” Tax department of Lithuania. We saw super scared faces and after that, unbelievably loud laughs 😃 Anyways, we hope you enjoyed the chocolate inside!


From private LT translators Facebook group

Laurynas asked translators’ opinion about Synergium. The answers were as follows:

Diana: Well, they are quite good, always were paying, but you need to invoice via a system, to create an invoice via system and, if I remember correctly, you need to wait 2 months for a money transfer.

Ona: I’ve been working with them for a very long time and I am satisfied. Everything is sent/received via system which is not complicated itself. Instructions are clear and short. Communication with PMs is excellent. They provide access to all applications you need. From time to time they send you feedbacks from editors and it’s very useful to see your mistakes and to avoid them in the future. 🙂 As for the payments, yes, they are not hurrying and transfer your money in 30 days after you issue an invoice (which is issued in the end of the month), so you need to wait but if you work on a regular basis it’s not a problem. 🙂

Augustas: They are good. I like everything.

Eglė: In the beginning, the variety of products and the amount of instructions can be intimidating but once you get acquainted with specifics everything seems to be simpler. Most of PMs are great, some of them are (too) formal but it doesn’t interfere with your work. They always pay on time, at the end of the next month. They are offering various additional payments and any technical help you need. The overall evaluation is positive for sure.


HUGE Alibaba Project and Engagement Survey 

Survey stats

  • Leadership 89%
  • Team work 86%
  • Branding/values 69%
  • Work conditions 71%

Synergium Engagement

Date: 29th of March to 4th of April

Participants: 56 employees from all offices

We can be proud that:

  • We value team work and help each other
  • We get enough feedbacks
  • We are happy with our managers’ performance
  • We adapt to changing situations and accept challenges

We will work on:

  • The image of the company
  • Effective usage of our resourses (human, financial)
  • Consistency of the ethical principles
  • Stress level at work


We already had a newsletter a million years ago

Our CEO has gone through reincarnation.

Here is the proof:

People of Synergium are creative.

Once upon a time, inspired by Christmas, we made a cosy video to congratulate our linguists. It’s worth seeing. Here it is:


Check if you got any

Countdown to Synergium Summer event 2017








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