SYNERGIUM 12th Birthday

On the 31st of March, we had a birthday party. It was not just a simple birthday party. I must say, it was marvellous and super positive 12th birthday party of Synergium! 43 people were brave enough to put their hands into the paint. Moreover, it was an international broadcast! The whole ceremony was broadcasted to our beloved colleagues in Latvia and Estonia.


Ouch… SynChallenge made us to sweat a little bit! In April, 19 participants were tracking their every single kilometer for 3 weeks. Aaaand it was worth to do that they were awarded with 8 superb prizes: protein candies (3 boxes), special belt with bottles for runner, water bottle, a unique light for runner to put on shoe, a bag for bicycle, gloves to bicycle and arm bag. Be brave to challenge and surprise yourself every day!


Accounting Day

I bet you did not know that on the 12th of May there was an International Accounting day. We decided to congratulate our girls at Accounting/Administration Department on this occasion and to make a stressful surprise. Our ladies received a secret parcel from “official” Tax department of Lithuania. We saw super scared faces and after that, unbelievably loud laughs 😃 Anyways, we hope you enjoyed the chocolate inside!

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