We are Synergium. We manage multilingual communication projects for the world’s largest brands.

In 2011, we have won 25th  place in Deloitte’s most technologically advanced and fastest growing company Ratings:  (check yourself by clicking the link) .  In 2019, we were ranked in Rating of 30 biggest Language Services and Technology Companies in Northern Europe (which is why we placed the logo of the competition medal in the ad, not the company logo). We are proud of our awesome team!

The world’s largest companies entrust us with their projects. We select the right technology and bring together teams of professional translators and product experts from around the world. Our delivery: communication in various languages. Our customers are all over the world, we export 100% of our services.

Where do consumers around the world find our translated texts? If your doctor examines you with a sophisticated ultrasound device, he has probably read the instructions we prepared in his native language. If you use the services of artificial intelligence (AI) or a ChatBot, we have probably participated in the training of that robot with data in various languages.



      Job description:

      We are expanding and are currently looking for a Sales Specialist via phone  (in English).

      Your typical working day:

      We start with morning team meeting and yesterday’s day discussion, have short trainings. Afterwards you call the specified phone numbers of our existing and new customers in the USA, Europe, Asia. It takes 2 hours session. The customers will probably be waiting for your call because they have received an email that morning. You will need to make calls by selecting a contact in CRM, there will be no bad multitasking doing million of different tasks. You are here to call and deliver short presentations via Zoom. Then have a relaxation time of 2 h: play table foosball, have lunch, talk to the team. After the second 2 hours calling session, a short discussion of the day follows and we call it a day.

      Expectations for the candidate:

      • You will pick up the phone and call to persuade attend your Zoom presentations. If you like to talk a lot and help others, then this job is for you.
      • Your spoken English is good. Yes, you will memorize the short script to start the conversation, however convincing the client to listen to your short Zoom presentation will require a good command of English. If you can call additionally in other languages – it is even better!
      •  You will be having calls to the same customer later, therefore, it is important to establish a good long-term connection. Therefore, 1-2 years of experience in sales or customer service would be an advantage.

      We offer:

      • Wonderful, friendly colleagues and a supportive manager.
      • Growth with us now. With this experience you can make a career later in sales around the world. After all, our customers are businesses around the world.
      • An opportunity to choose where to work any particular day – you can choose to work at home on Monday and to come to our modern office in Vilnius on Tuesday. Table football? Check. Kitchen? Check.
      • Training, professional literature, coaching sessions and a culture of continuous improvement.
      • Modern sales methodology, which helps to establish long-term relationships with customers.
      • You will work in a safe industry. During the COVID period, our industry has not suffered at all, our customers around the world provide a much-needed stability in these turbulent times.
      • International young team, lots of youthful chat in English.
      • Great company culture, where teamwork is valued a lot and competition with each other is non-existent.


      • We offer a salary of 1600-1800 eur (gross). If you are a real talent – come, start working, prove it and then we will offer a higher position.
      • We share profits – you get a quarterly bonus as the whole team will reach company goals and will celebrate.


      • Great! Send your CV and a short introduction, we will invite you to a Zoom interview and digitally sign an employment contract. If you want – start working in the office, if you do not want – start working at home, we will provide equipment.